How do I make a player move with a part?

I have a model that rotates around a part at a certain distance (shown in the video), and I need a way to have any players standing on the model to not fall off while it’s moving. I’m pretty sure this would’ve been previously achievable with BodyPosition, but that’s deprecated. Are there any objects in Studio that work similarly to BodyPosition (in order to achieve this effect)? I’ve also already tried AssemblyLinearVelocity, but that makes the character repeatedly switch between its walking and idle animation.

you could make a script that creates a WeldConstrait for the player and one of the parts of the ship
(put the script to starterplayer → startercharacterscripts

like this:
local find = script.Parent.Parent.Parent:FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”)
if find then
local Weld =“WeldConstraint”)
Weld.Parent = script.Parent.Parent.Parent
Weld.Part0 = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Head
Weld.Part1 = put the ships name here and a name of a part in it

example: Weld.Part1 = Ship.Part

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