How do I make a script so that if someone has a certain delvolper product they get a thing in chat?

I want to make it so that if they buy one or multiple of 7 delvopler products that they would get a thing in chat saying “Donater”. I am new to scripting so if you could write out and explain the script that would be nice.

Like this in bloxburg.
Thank You

You’ll want to use MarketplaceService.ProcessReceipt for this. The receipt info gives you the ProductId, which you can check if it’s a donator product.

I am assuming you mean chat tag, in that case this reply would be helpful.

So how would this script look like and how would it work?

I still have not fiqured it out could someone help?

You’ll have to use this to give them the chat tag (It tells you what to do on the page).

And gamepasses may be a bit complex for you and its a bit long and sometimes im not good at explaining so ill link a tutorial.

Its for a dev product though not gamepass. Is that even possible?

Oh wait i see yeah thats possible you’d have to use a boolvalue which you will set to true when they buy a devproduct and you also need to check if they have the donator tag and then a datastore to save the value of the boolvalue. Heres the tutorial for DevProducts.

I tried this it didnt work.

local plrs = game.Players

local sss = game.ServerScriptService

local chatService = require(sss:WaitForChild(‘ChatServiceRunner’):WaitForChild(‘ChatService’))


local speaker = chatService:GetSpeaker(plr)

if plrs[plr].ProductId == 1142623616 then

	speaker:SetExtraData('NameColor', Color3.fromRGB(255, 0, 0))
	speaker:SetExtraData('ChatColor', Color3.fromRGB(124, 238, 255))
	speaker:SetExtraData('Tags', {{TagText = 'Donater', TagColor = Color3.fromRGB(0, 222, 255)}})         


Why did you put end) its an if statement? Also your spelling Donator wrong.

I am sorry I am new to scripting I deleted it though.

Yeah you replaced end) with end?

still does not work at all. I dont know why.

Probably because it only checks when the player joins and not when they buy the item.

I think you right how should I change it so it checks at all times?

Create the seven devproducts then use this on the client to get them to buy it when they push the buttons to buy them.

Then use this to check if they bought the products in the serverscript

Then you change a boolvalue inside the player to true and then save that value in a datastore when they leave. You check if that boolvalue is true when you give them the “Donator” role. Also you’d need to use SetExtraData to change the colors and to give them tags.