How do i make a Zone/Region for my attacks?

Okay so i recently got a Gaster Blaster System working and ive been wondering how to make a zone that executes the code as long as you are inside the zone
Something like this

and this is the Gaster Blaster System ive done so far

Heres the code

local humanoidRootPart = character:WaitForChild(‘HumanoidRootPart’)

	while true do
		local modelpositionpart ='Part')
		modelpositionpart.Massless = true
		modelpositionpart.CanCollide = false
		modelpositionpart.Transparency = 1
		modelpositionpart.Parent = humanoidRootPart
		modelpositionpart.CFrame =,humanoidRootPart.Position.Y+1.5,humanoidRootPart.Position.Z-30) * CFrame.Angles(math.rad(180),0,3.15)

		local weldconstraint ='WeldConstraint')
		weldconstraint.Parent = humanoidRootPart
		weldconstraint.Part0 = humanoidRootPart
		weldconstraint.Part1 = modelpositionpart
		repeat wait(1)
			local model = game:GetService('ServerStorage'):WaitForChild('Blaster'):Clone()
			model.Parent = workspace
		until false

im not an expert at scripting yet, and from what ive seen i need to use Regions and something else but what im asking here is, if you guys have any tips on doing this (im not asking for code)
any tutorials any youtube videos that could help with this, i would really appreciate it, thanks.

Hi, this might help you.

exactly what i was looking for, Classic Tate W

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While this “works”, it’s far from optimal - the module is meant to be used for static zones\regions, not hitboxes.
You are better off using OverlapParams, which are like an improved version of Region3 and is much much faster to setup and you don’t have to deal with unnecessary elements of ZonePlus’s API which, while useful for their intended purpose, are kinda useless for Hitboxes. I’m also assuming the whole thing is much slower than a normal hitbox due to how ZonePlus handles player detection.

TF you mean “Classic Tate W”? Yikes.

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