How do I make an output GUI in roblox?

Hello, I need help with printing the script output on a GUI (In-game).

I made a script executer in Roblox Studio which works just like the Roblox script editor! But what I want is that I want the output of the script to be shown on a GUI/Text Box.

I’m not a pro scripter tho. If you know the solution to this, please give me a step by step process on how to do that. (i.e, The type of script that is used to show the output on GUI, etc.)

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This isn’t an answer but an idea from me:

You can use a Module and create a custom function called “print” and get the argument which works the same as Roblox print.

And the function will create a text in a GUI and replace the text with the argument. That’s a little tip by me I guess and I also dont know how to do it

I have 2 suggestions:

  1. You can use LogService.MessageOut.
    An event that fires every time something is sent to the output.

However that service is marked as “unreliable”.

  1. You can use ScriptContext.Error.
    It’s a service that controls all scripts, and the event fires when any script errors.
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This might be useful:

This is fired when text is added to the output.


local msg ="Message", workspace)
Game:GetService("LogService").MessageOut:Connect(function(Message, Type)
    msg.Text = "The message was "..Message.." and the type was "..tostring(Type)
print("Hello, World!")
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