How do I make bombs dropped from a plane rotate mid-air as they fall? (video example)

Hey all,

I want bombs dropped from my plane to rotate as they fall like this:

How can I recreate this? I want it to be somewhat-realistic, it doesn’t have to be perfect but it would be nice if it was proportionate to the mass of the bomb, plane speed, etc.



The projectile seems to be rotating in the path it is going which is it’s velocity, so yeah here’s an example of how you can do that:

However be aware it uses CFrame.lookAt which is unstable if you are looking directly down so you might want to set the third parameter into a different axis to avoid the issue.

well i was going to calculate the beam trajectory thing that egomoose does, but as it currently stands im just trying to make the bomb tilt towards the ground as it falls. Calculus seems a little out there atm so im not gonna do the beam thing for a while, and instead just focus on making the bomb rotate

One thing you can try is to use basic roblox physics to drop the bomb, then set the CFrame every heartbeat to:

BombModel:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(, BombModel.PrimaryPart.Position + BombModel.PrimaryPart.Velocity))

ok, so the bomb rotates, but instead of moving forward at the rate of the plane, it just rotates and just goes straight down. How can I make it rotate but follow the natural trajectory