How do I make it so a boat can float on the water, and move with the waves

I need help figuring out to make my boat model move like a real boat on the water.

Like hers: How would i tween a tsunami? - #3 by 0Luke_Skywalker0

I think if you make a boat model, un-anchor it, and weld it together it should float on the water smoothly. I could be wrong however.

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This should help!

I saw somewhere someone said: roblox skinned mesh doesnt follow the physics. they don’t push things. they are there only for the look. the only physic thing about it is motor6d.
Proof (wave place is not created by me):


As you can see, cancollide or collide it doesnt affect the collision since the collision is decided by the original shape before deformation


This video made me check my Discord like 4 times


Anyway, as far as I’m aware, Roblox parts follow standard physics, and I believe this may also accumulate buoyancy, you might have to experiment with making boats realistic unless you result to making an entire boat script system. In the video you provided, I believe that isn’t standard Roblox water which is why they are able to make the ship seem like the ship is able to float on water; due to a custom ocean and ship system.

Edit: If you want to make raw boats using Studio and Terrain tools, you’d have to follow the Archimedes’ Principle and, well, evenly displace the water around the hull of the ship.

I may not be of help as I am not too educated on Roblox physics and if you can genuinely pull this off or not.

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