How do I obtain private audios?

Can someone tell me a way I can obtain private audios that I do not have permission to use?

You can’t, I think it’s a problem on roblox’s side

Thanks, I will see if I can find a method!

I just wish they’d re-unlock the option to set legitimate audio to public (or at least address that issue) and increase the upload limits so that this would be less of a problem without going off platform.

Maybe one day this will be possible.

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It was necessary to protect audio that was always off-sale from unauthorized use, even though giving such authorization to other users has not been allowed for almost 13 months even if the asset passed copyright checks; hopefully they can afford to address it soon.

you can’t it was changed for roblox’s audio update which is controversial, Roblox claimed that this is the reason why they made it

but it’s more believed that the change was made because musicians are suing roblox for 200M+ USD for letting users upload Copyrighted Music

so the answer is NO

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