How do I plan out my builds?

I’m trying to create a town, but I don’t know where to start. The last time I built a group of houses. It went horrible because I didn’t plan it out. Any ideas on how to plan it out?

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I would just use a picture. Or draw it out. Those are the two best ways to plan your builds.


Right… Should’ve thought of that first. I am bad at drawin

Then just go on Google and search up a picture! Its not going to turn out good at the beginning but after more practice it will.

You can use reference builds. Towns aren’t too hard, one building beside another. Alleyways, flowers/trees,road… not hard. You can even draw it in MS paint in 30 sec.

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Wait so your saying I should take stuff from google?

Hmm Yeah I will try that but I might get the size of buildings wrong cos im dumb.

Use a model of a player to scale the size of the buildings.


Yes, thanks ill do that. 20 character

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Here is some steps onto building a successful game or idea.

  • Visualize what you want.
  • Have a reference image if needed you can find many google images that provide you with alot of design ideas.
  • Create a base design, so this is basically an outline and you can build around it.
  • work from 1 side to another never work all over the place. so if you are making a town create a road system then build the building separate and place them across the map accordingly.
  • And finally detailing the builds, this could be small things such as waterhydrants, streetlights and so on. Good luck on your game!

Ty, although I am making a medival style town. I can just make it the same.

Please search before attempting to create a topic this thread has some useful information you could take or write down and see what suits your liking just for future notice:

Normally I don’t plan my builds I’ll either use images - photos around my location or different areas and online if needed and get an idea on what I want to create. It’s also a good idea to try drawing out your layout and use a drawing / program on the things you want to create consider having a notebook or your phone for when you go out somewhere you could look at different objects and see something you like whether it be making a (town neighborhood city) and more.

Everyone has different approaches and techniques, so you might has a different approach without using reference images. :slightly_smiling_face:


I couldn’t agree move with you.

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