How do I prevent people from copying my designs?

It’s a never ending issue, since its so easy to just get the template. The only real solution is adding a watermark somewhere, and reporting the person copying your design.


I really appreciate your hard work. I had a friend that made clothing but got banned as he got mass/spam reported as a joke. As there is not much I can do to help your current situation. I’ll just boost your confidence. Keep up the good work and even if other people steal your work, you’ll always know you’re the original creator in your heart. :smiley:


You can’t.

Due to ROBLOX’s asset system, any player can download your clothes template simply by typing a link into their browser. The only way to prevent them is to get the assets removed. If you can prove to ROBLOX that the assets were stolen, then you may manually report each of them, but it doesn’t seem worth the time.


As said before the best solution is to post somewhere watermark on the clothing, somewhere where it will fit and it would look like part of the clothing.

So far, as of right now, the only thing to do is to manually report the image. In my personal opinion, ROBLOX should use a AI PHOTO SCANNER that can detect images that were stolen from another user(s).


AS much as I love this idea, I don’t really think it’s exactly feasible.

The amount of workload that is going to be put onto it will require a lot of resources, since clothing bots upload clothes around the clock, the AI will have to go through each of them while simultaneously check through every single clothing in it’s database. Computers are fast, but if you put to much tasks its bound to slow down a lot. (Even if they deploy multiple AI just to check through a lot, depleting the workload for each AI by a wide margin, there are still thousands of botted clothing companies making clothing, and more spawning in each day.)

As much as I hate the millions of copied clothing that makes up a large majority of the catalog, Roblox cannot really do anything about it unless they nuke the entire thing and start from scratch or make certain creators be able to make clothing (similar to UGC).

Right now in its current state, clothing creation is one of the worst professions to get into on roblox. If I where you I would try to get developers to hire you to make custom shirts/pants. (Many RPG’s will use custom clothing.) Since clothing design also requires art skills you could try getting into doing logo’s etc.


They literality made a bot that managed to check over a decade of audio content for anything copyrighted in a month or less.



Okay, thank you this really helps, I already uploaded watermarks onto all of my templates with my username and the date it was created, so hopefully I should be able to take down copycats.

I don’t mean to be pessimistic in any way here, but a skilled enough thief can and will manipulate the template around the item you’ve made to make it look as if it’s their own still.

The best example I can give you is when I recently went back and remastered one of 1blox’s hoodies. Even though I recreated the whole shirt from scratch, the similarities would look as though I still directly copied the item.image

Simply put, there is no current way to stop anybody from copying any clothing asset on Roblox right now.

From my knowledge, the company is well aware of this problem (hell, they even joked about it at RDC last year during the unveiling of UGC), yet they continue to let the catalog to fall further and further into disrepair. Its honestly quite sad to see, and has caused a good amount of the users who used to make clothing for fun (as you are yourself) to leave the platform.


This problem has caused countless people to leave the ROBLOX platform. There is no way to stop this from happening unless if you report the stolen asset.


Even if you reported you won’t get your right unfortunately…

Can you try to send a request again yo copy agent and they will reply you I’m sure about that

So, how people do this is that they install something on the Google Chromestore called BTRoblox. The extension lets them see the asset image so they can steal the shirt template.

Yup and a lot of methods let them do that…

you do know that they can hide the original watermark and put their own watermark on the stolen asset.

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I don’t think ROBLOX would need to use an AI Photo scanner, they could instead generate a hash for every template(excluding the outside that isn’t used), and if another template has the same hash and was uploaded after, delete it.


I had this idea too, but it has many flaws. A hash is a checksum that changes when anything at all changes. This means not only if the file gets compressed when it sent to your browser the hash will be different, but you could change but a pixel and have the hash be wildly off.

Checking % similarity against every other asset in the store gets taxing and fast. This problem seems very difficult.

Maybe sum up the values of the R, G, B, A (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) channels, store it into a tuple in a database, and for all entries with equivalent values, check the % similarity and compare to an allowed threshold (select assets you know look similar but aren’t copied). I’m not an engineer who has taken any data classes, and I haven’t tested this method with a large dataset, so this could be inefficient, but it would be much better than we have now.


If I were a clothing designer, I’d put my watermark at bottom of the top shirt and put a heavy shading and/or texture to make sure it can’t be stolen. Here, I have provided a screenshot of it.

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Yup this was an idea but unfortunately today the copier edit it to remove the username or put his username on it then you say byebye you won’t get your right…
Roblox should take care about that to encourage designers and scan assets instead sending bot message.

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