How do I reduce map lag?

Union some of the parts, that might help with lag!!

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One way you could solve this add places.
No scripting require :grinning:

Here. This should solve problem. Whenever i awnser these i bring this video around:

(This shows all ways to reduce lag, including one that you may not be aware of.)

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Your game is very detailed and it probably have lots of parts, right? If you could re-make some of the buildings in Blender it could help, since you will be able to make a 1 part only building.

Reducing the parts count should help :+1:

Send it my way and I can convert them into lower poly meshes in Maya.
I can do some for free to help out but that’s a lot of work and time is money.

If your willing to help please message me or add me on discord (SquidyCakez#7425) so I can send you it, thanks in advance. Also for everyone above thanks for the great advice but I’m pretty busy right now so I can’t look into it much, when I do I’ll mark whatever I find the best help as the solution.

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That most definitely won’t. That’s a common misconception. In fact, it may cause more lag. Please, don’t make unions to reduce lag. It won’t help, trust me.


Have you considered using StreamingEnabled? Basically, it loads as much of the world as it can, it won’t load the entire build as soon as it joins.

Here are some links that can help you setup streaming.

Some of your client sided scripts might need to be adjusted to handle StreamingEnabled, let me know if you need any assistance.

Now i’m not that experienced with lua so takes this with a grain of salt but I would recommend you since that this is quite a large map that you would implement some sort of fog to limit the distance players can see. This would help with not rendering parts of the map far away from the player which they wouldn’t need to see.

Or as many has stated before is to change certain parts of the buildings to either meshes or decals or both.

Going to mark this as the solution because its exactly what I am doing now, using decals/textures + mesh buildings. I found a extremely talented and cheap builder to make me a amazing map with little lag thru this method. Thank you everyone for the help, I’ll keep all the replys in this thread in mind if I ever need it again.