How do I rig SkinnedMeshes?

As much as I hate to say this, I didn’t know SkinnedMeshes existed till now. I have a dinosaur model I want to animate and it is a SkinnedMesh. Can someone help me? I have no idea on how to rig with bones in blender so please try to be descriptive. I have tried YouTube tutorials but they are really confusing.

I’m new to using devforum too so in case you can’t reply, my Discord is Bumpy#7471. Thank you :smile:

first of all you should read the skinned mesh release post, where alot of people had question and also awnser, i my self posted there a model example to any one use.
just start reading the posts.
Skinned MeshParts are Live!

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I’ll be quick:

  1. Create an armature on Blender.
  2. Put the bones on the model. Be sure to put the bones on the places you want to rotate. There’s a pretty handy tool on the tools pannel that mirrors the bones on the X-axis so you don’t rig the arms twice.
  3. Name all the bones differently. I suggest you be accurate with the naming.
  4. Select the mesh first and the armature second. Press Ctrl + P to make it its parent, and select with automatic weights.
    And you’re done! You can fine-tune the weight paint on each vertex group, but if you don’t know how to, it should be good with the automatic weights. Good luck!

Hello yoshi!
Am I doing the bones part correct, here’s a gif of what I am doing:

Kindly tell me if I am doing it wrong :sweat_smile:

Also what is the automatic weights part? I don’t really understand what you’re talking about, I’ve never heard of weight painting or anything before.

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I think you should understand the subject before rushing to work on it. You’re not doing too bad, as what you did with the bones is close to what you have to do. I’ll send you a tutorial that’ll help you understand it better.