How do I ''sell'' stuff on/off the Roblox website without ROBLOX Premium (say, selling models.)

I’m sorry if this topic doesn’t go in the Game Design Support Category, but to be honest, I didn’t know where this should go. I’ve heard that you can make some Robux by selling models/games… e.t.c. Unfortunately, I haven’t got ROBLOX Premium to sell that sort of stuff like you would sell Catalog Limiteds. Has anyone got any ideas how I can make some robux by building whatever I desire, and then selling it to someone for Robux? Thank you very much for reading this.


You can only sell gamepasses without Roblox Premium. All of the other creations need Premium in order to sell them.

But is there any way to sell them outside of the ROBLOX website, say… Discord?

Can you please explain this a little bit, I’m confused.

Okay so let me show you a scenario relevant to this. You show someone your game, and they ask if you could sell it to them. Then you say that you haven’t got ROBLOX Premium to get them ownership of the game. They say you can sell it on Discord via exchanging information about the game and deciding how much it would cost. They agree to the price you set for them. They give you the robux via group funds and you give them ownership of the game. Is that possible?

From what I know, there’s no official way to sell models through Roblox or anything anyways. You don’t need premium to sell models to another person. “Hidden Developers” is a good Discord server for selling stuff and hiring people.

What’s the code for the Discord server?

Never mind, I found it in my History. I went there once to look for investors.

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It’s /hd. It’s a good community to start from.

Sorry for going off-topic but if I made a car, and I sold it to someone, how much would it be?

Asking for how much to sell assets for is considered spam in the forums. Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum - #15 by Roblox

Well, your may get scammed if you do selling in third party websites. It is possible tho. By the way, selling Roblox games is against TOS.

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Oops. Sorry. I’ll try not to do so in future!

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Ah, okay. Noted. Thank you :slight_smile:

you cant sell stuff or any asset on/off Roblox because selling assets it was a major scam for other users and if you try to sell it you will get a warning. so you cant, even you have premium or not

People are allowed to sell their assets/Models? Otherwise communities like HD wouldn’t exist.

you cant sell asset because it can involve with scam. plus you just give away not sell it away.

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You cannot sell shirts, pants or T-Shirts without Premium. But, you can set an asset for free, like a model, but you can’t sell them for robux. Same with decals, meshes, audio, and textures.

Game passes, dev products and VIP Servers can also put for sale without Premium

Im wildly confused on what you mean, I have full rights to make and sell an asset, Im unsure as to what your inferring but Im talking about general models, no matter if it can lead to scam or not, thousands of scams happen on roblox, is the website brought down and banned? No, roblox is not responsibly for that.

We are ALLOWED to openly sell ASSETS, but Im quite sure your right regarding the MAPS

I heard you can’t sell full games but you could sell certain assets I would recommend reading the terms of service. For selling models you should consider posting in some discords/buyer communities such as (Hidden Developers). I wouldn’t recommend selling models consider moving into doing commissions rather then selling stuff you already made.

@RISING_ROBLOX His question is about selling models not giving away models. Back to the OP I wouldn’t just make random models and sell them to users instead consider moving to completing commissions.