How do I start my game?

Hi, I’m Tronsusu,

I have just begun development of a post-apocalypse roleplay game with a decently large map, right now, I have no clue where to start. There’s not much scripting or gameplay mechanics that I need to pursue right now, hence why I’m starting development on my map first. If you have any tips on how to start developing the map, please share them down below. Thank you.


Well first thing first you should set-up the discord server, group(if needed) and the game.

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Perhaps this will help you

First of all do you have a team, a outline of the game and what its going to include?

No, never ever ever ever ever set up the discord server first unless you have a good deal of experience on the platform, having a discord server will just result in you post sneak peaks but never actually making real progress. Also if your friends are there you are just going to end up messing around with them.


I suggest planning out your project which you seem to have a good foundation so far just write word document on your game. Write it as if the person had no idea of what your game was at all. Then after you can expand your plan by creating some pre-production documents on your game then repeat for small sections if you find yourself asking what should i had next.

Could you explain us a bit more about what is your game?

By the way, i would try to create a community, and that stuff, on discord, or in a roblox group.

And i would promote my game to my friends, groups (If they allow you), etc.

Thanks for reading :+1:


From all the experience from making things like SCPF sites ranging to survival games from my point of view scripting should be the first part of any project, I’ll explain why.

When making a game you want to have its core features to be on point otherwise players may call your game broken which will not attract more players to it, thus meaning you won’t profit.
Survival games like this should focus on core mechanics on things like guns and inventories because later in development some problems may arise.

Personally when I made a survival game and did the backpack system the last I had to redo every item there was ingame because my code just couldn’t work with the objects I made already ranging from not just being able to pick up the item to the item just disappearing for no reason from the game.

This is overall my view on how you should start your game but sometimes building first might be a good option to then be able to think how you’ll code the game.