How do I turn on Filtering Enabled without it breaking my game

Hello. Recently my game has been bombarded with exploiters and I was told that the only way to really stop exploits is by turning on Filtering Enabled. But when I turn it on, none of my GUIs or scripts continue to work. Is there a way to enable FE without it breaking my game?


Rewrite all your scripts that rely on client-server replication. Read the wiki guide on FilteringEnabled, because it’s time to do a lot of refactoring.


In short, no.

The reason behind your scripts breaking is that the client is no longer can make changes to the server. Instead, you’ll need to rewrite most, if not all, of your scripts to send requests to the server. I would recommend checking out this Wiki page to learn more.


You got some work ahead of you.


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Would I have to create a new place, make it FE, then insert all my scripts in? Or does everything have to have a little extra code in it

You do not need to create a new place. You’re going to more than likely have to rewrite a lot of the current code in your game.


The reason the game is breaking is because Filtering Enabled disables Client-To-Server replication.
So what you’re gonna need to do is re-write the scripts that create stuff via Local Scripts and change them to Server-Sided scripts, and then hook them up via Remote Event/Functions. For extra help I suggest reading the wiki pages on Filtering Enabled, and on converting places to FE.

This is gonna take a little bit of work however, and it won’t be a one day process.

I’ll put the RemoteEvent and Function pages here as well.


Sadly…You Can’t. @Wingz_P did a good job explaining so listen to him. :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit too late now, but for future reference, you should have started developing with FilteringEnabled on in the first place. You would have saved yourself a lot more time.


If your scripts have stopped working, chances are you’re using normal scripts instead of local scripts. Doing that is a really horrible practice.


Thank you guys for the info. Currently working with a friend to rewrite some of my GUIs and scripts so that they work with FE.

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