How do I use table.foreach() and table.foreachi()?

I really dont know how to use this if you can help that would be great!

You don’t. table.foreach is deprecated.

Use a generic for loop instead:

for k, v in pairs(dict) do
    -- ...

for i, v in ipairs(list) do


There is documentation on it.

But it’s not like this info will be useful to you; as mentioned these are both deprecated so you wouldn’t/shouldn’t use this in production.

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@xDeltaXen, he answered your question. Please don’t be rude to people trying to answer your questions. Both methods are deprecated, so the proper answer is to avoid using them, as already stated. The documentation clearly shows how they are to be used. You pass an array and a callback function that gets called each iteration.

table.foreach(tbl, function(val) ... end)
table.foreachi(tbl, function(val) ... end)

Again, don’t use them. Use pairs and ipairs instead.


Is there something in particular you do not understand so it can be clarified.

Where you would use a pairs loop:

for k, v in pairs(someTable) do
    -- body

You can replace it with a similar table.foreach function:

table.foreach(someTable, function(k, v)
    -- body

A near-identical analogy can be made with ipairs and table.foreachi

As for use cases (even though it’s deprecated), you can directly use a print function without the loop body:

-- instead of
for k, v in pairs(someTable) do
    print(k, v)

-- you can do
table.foreach(someTable, print)

Personally, I wouldn’t use it for anything else because of the key-value combo.


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