How do people find sounds these days?

I’ve been away for a while and I’m trying to find sound effects for my game. I’d like to use sounds that are already uploaded to roblox and available for use in the toolbox. For example, I’m looking for thunder sound effects. I search “thunder” and I’ve only found 3 thunder sound effects because of the oversaturation of barely- or completely-unrelated songs published by Roblox. What can I do to find free sound effects without wasting a lot of time looking at things I don’t want? What tricks have been developed to navigate this while I’ve been away?


Have you tried uploading your own sounds? Or using royalty free ones? Here’s an example of one good website I use: FreeSound

I only get 10 sound effects a month. I’d rather not waste them on things that I’m sure there are hundreds of in the catalog if there was a way to filter out all the irrelevant sounds.


Well, then use the search explorer off the website instead.

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Do songs get through the copyright bot? Or do they still get flagged as copyright?

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Only if its on youtube or any other platform. The platform I provided is mainly for SFX, but I haven’t had any problems with it.

Like what do you mean by that? Like getting flagged? Or going through?


It gets copyrighted and taken down. Don’t worry though, your account isn’t penalized. You just lose an audio upload.

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Yes, but have you tried Songs in FreeSound?

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they have the same results


i’m surprised no one has complained about this, does roblox even realize what they’ve screwed up?


like seriously, look at this

i search m4a1 reload, you’d expect at the very least gun or pistol reloads, but no, you get ambience sounds??

my only last resort would be making multiple alts and uploading sound effects due to the monthly limit, i hope that helps out a little bit

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I created SoundSplice for these very reasons: finding sound effects is hard and the upload limit is too small.

The only problem at this point is finding sound effects that are 100% free, even for commercial use, online.


I mean at least you get them for free they used to be Robux per seconds. It’s pretty cruddy tho. With sounds that are in literally in numerous games being copyrighted and can’t be used. My 3rd game I made on my alt account cant even be played any more.

Audio has been tricky but i found this site and i have no issues with copyright or getting them approved in studio… the link in there is to SoundsCrate, browse through it, they have a good amount: