How do simulator games grow a playerbase?

Salutations, I have posted this to ask a question:

How do simulator games grow a playerbase?

To elaborate, I’m asking how a simulator game can grow a playerbase, and scale it up, until it gets a reasonable amount of players.

I am guessing that the scale-up part is a snowball effect, since if the game has a lot of players, more will join as it gets popular, please correct me if I’m wrong.

But the other part, forming a small playerbase to grow in the future is what I’m asking about.

So, how did games like Saber Simulator, get on the front page ? Was it a youtuber making a video on it, advertising, or just pure luck?

The reason I’m asking this is because I will be releasing a simulator soon, and I have to plan for it’s release.

The game:

Any answers would be appreciated, thanks!

PS: If you have any feedback or suggestions for the game, don’t hesitate to reply!

i am think that grow up with the players beacuse the owner is preety famous and beacuse the owner maybe making ads for the game.

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Lots of players love the challenge of being better then other, for instance Saber Simulator has classes or rebirths, every time you rebirth you have to restart, this keeps players entertained.


Pretty sure, It’s based on how many ads, or sponsors are being put out. Then, if your game is really good players will continue to come back, invite their friends, and then a ton of people are playing the simulator.

As, @PawsomeDev said, such as in Saber Simulator, it has classes, and rebirths. And weekly updates also keep players entertained with new content to find/explore. (Ex. If you had a simulator about shovels, new backpacks and tools)

Mostly, I’d start by inviting your friends, then if they like it, sponsor it, advertise it, bring in players. Make gamepasses, and make things to entertain players.
Hope this helps.

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Well, the way I understand it growing a playerbase could either start by paying for an ad or talking to people about your game.

Paying for an ad is the more popular well understood option… but it’s often risky for new games, because you do put quite a bit of robux in without knowing if you can make it back.

I think the best way to start is getting the game more involved in the Dev Forum. For instance, when you ask about playerbase like this, why not include a link to the game, unless it’s not open? Then we can give more detailed feedback, what your target audience would be, etc. And if Devs like the game, some will play it for themselves or keep an eye on the game. Someone might even ask to do art for your game or something like that. Even if you don’t have it open yet, you can explain the game in a touch more detail, and generate interest about your game. It may seem a bit like a cash-grab but here it’s actually quite useful in giving you better advice about the playerbase of your game, and maybe even some internal things that are driving players away. It would be a bit obnoxious in say, a post about a script problem, or someone else’s topic, but this is about your game, and putting it in wouldn’t hurt.

Then share it with people you know, and maybe have topics running asking for feedback on your game, (again, always checking that the game doesn’t have a retention problem) and once you think your game can handle the press, (and hopefully has already made you the Robux to pay for it) then get an ad.


I’ll do that, thanks!
I have a question tho, which category is the best for asking for feedback on an entire game?

cool creations might fit the bill if possible. If you are worried about a specific mechanic or design, post it in the appropriate category and ask for feed back regarding that feature.

m, this thread might also be good for showcasing in general and not just feedback