How do these games make hitboxes?

Heyo I’m currently trying to figure out how to make hitboxes like these games

I’m assuming they use Region3 or like GetTouchingParts and I think I know how to work with that although how do they make the actual part and like position it? Would you have to make a part that’s unique to each animation? Or do they just have some hitboxes of different sizes that they just clone? idk so looking for some help with this lol.


I think most use raycasting and region3 for better accuracy and performance


Lol not what I was asking. I’m already aware they probably use Region3 to do this, but my question is how do they actually make the part and position it etc,.

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Yikes ok here we go lol. I’m not asking for any script I’m simply just asking how the part is made? Sorry I guess if I worded things wrong.

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If I had to say they probably cloned or the hitboxes may already be there and are activated when doing a certain part of the animation

you didn’t have to be so rude about it lol. he was confused and just wanted to be pushed in the right direction.

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It’s pretty simple, to create the parts you just need to know CFrame and :Clone(). It’s all just visualization.

If i was to replicate what They’re using, i’ll use this Rotated Region 3 Module then having multiple CFrame position per animation for the region3 to spawn in.

Ok so I have a dictionary for my attacks which just have like how much damage it does and the animation for it would I also include the size and position of the hitbox?

They use parts to make the hitboxes, that’s it.

Yeah, that would work. Alot of 2D fighters use spreadsheets for move info, and dictionaries are as close as you can get to that.