How Do You Build Rocks?

I am building a ravine but I dont know how to make rocks any idea also this is for the building challenge so i cant use any other software then studio


This plugin can help you build many things. You can make bushes flowers and more by using this plugin.


You can also use external 3D modelling apps like blender to create it and export it to roblox.

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i cant use any plugins for this and i cant use any third party things for this

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In Blender it’s really easy to do in a few minutes (and they will probably be more realistic). But if you want to do it in studio, I would start with a regular cube and cut out pieces of it with negates, or add pieces with unions.


Its really helpful even though I just installed it I am popping trees everywhere.

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Regarding you can’t use no alternative softwares. You can make different shades of rocks, with realistic surface and edges with using unions and possibly the new smooth shading feature. If you want a more natural approach, or a realistic look, try using a union and make it the shape that you want with negative parts, whether your using spheres, wedges, and cylinders I’ll try experimenting into using the new feature if your wanting different shades of rocks with a more different appearance.

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The reason I cant use external softwares is because it is the building challenge and no I dont expect to win just learning and having fun!:smiley:

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