How do you detect dark dex?

nothing in that video worked by what i witnessed


Oh please, I’ve tested the system out. It can’t detect Anything I don’t know if it was meant to be this way but I was able to use Dex, delete the gui’s and use speed and everything. (With out synapse)

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We don’t detect it, for multiple reasons.

The first reason is that DarkDex changes its name every time it’s used (Random text+numbers).
The second reason is that there is no reason to patch it, instead focus on making sure they can’t exploit anything they see.
And the last and most important reason, you can only do this on a client, exploiter won’t have a problem removing the local script which detects DarkDex.


Sure, you can detect GUIs created by other exploits, but detecting ANY GUI created by an exploiter using Synapse to its full extent is impossible - regardless of the name of the GUI. Dark Dex, especially, is managed by the exploit’s creators so it gets special treatment. The ‘protect_gui’ function not only spoofs any rbxsignal you could hope to hook (i.e. DescendantsAdded), but it abuses ROBLOX’s global metatable and hides the instance(s) from LocalScripts that aren’t created by the exploit itself.

Aside from this, any detection method you discover will likely fall into two categories…

  1. Pointless because a reliable bypass will be created within hours of its announcement.
  2. Too hackish to be implemented in a game to scale.

I’ll agree with the second point, but the first point is untrue.

I’ve not just got one localscript in the open, I have my own ways of hiding them.

You can’t just SEE my localscripts, they’re hidden deep within nil, which I fill with low datacost objects anyway in order to make finding them near impossible.

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I don’t think you know how having a nil parent works. It’s not some place you can spam with objects. You’re hurting your performance for nothing.

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No offence, but that’s all false information.

Exploiters can see nil, so how is filling it with instances that DON’T hurt performance a bad concept?

If it’s full of instances, how can an exploiter easily scroll through something like Dex to see the nil instances?

Completely false, if a client script is deleted server scripts will not pick it up. Client changes such as that are not replicated to the server.


Not all of it is false. Nil isn’t a place and everything hurts performance, but to your credit it is possible that dex complies a list of instances without parents. I don’t know anything about specific hacks, only hacking as a theory. And in theory, I would find your script by searching class-name, or by finding the bytecode header and working backwards. It might stop dex, but it’s not an effective way to stop hacks in general. If dex is useful, I would possibly use it in conjunction with another hack that works more effectively to disable your safeguards. Client side validation is still client side after all.

Why is this topic still active? The short answer is that it’s not possible. Even if it were, it wouldn’t do anything to deter exploiting whatsoever. Instead of wasting time with this, I’d recommend learning how to secure your game properly so that exploits are either minimal or irrelevant in your game(s).


Syn.protect_gui completely bypasses every gui protection you have. Direct gui checks will not work against it. I’ve checked the documentation on v3rmillion cause I was pretty interested, turns out it can fully change the classname, name and other things (locally), meaning that even if the gui was parented to the player’s playergui instead of coregui, Gui:IsA("ScreenGui") or FindFirstChildWhichIsA("ScreenGui") will not work.

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I wont go into it but its possible you can detect dex explorer there’s a game I’ve seen do it but there anti cheat is kind of unstable

Any Skid can bypass that with


The best bet is to just do server sided checks and then just name your scripts something like “Chat script” To people using them will just think it’s a Roblox script. Social engineering is very powerful against exploiters. Also even with that they can just use script dumper to disable every script on the client rendering it useless. Don’t put so much effort into the client. It’s like trying to spy on someone in the white house, very hard very complicated.

infinite yield has a clear nil instances command, it deletes every nil instance in your game.

You don’t understand my point. Me and plenty of other people in this thread of mentioned how easy it is to bypass any client-side anti-cheat. Dex is just outdated in that the original (and even the Synapse version for some reason) still use CoreGui when exploits have their own custom protected GUI location.

Plus even for exploits that lack that sort of thing, you can still edit the client-side anti-exploit and prevent it from triggering in the first place.

then detect coregui instances and synapse

Did you read everything I wrote? That can be completely bypassed.

not really if they cant inject they cant do anything

And how do you plan on preventing that?

there was already a way released recently