How do you do trigonometry calculations? like view bobbing calculations etc

First of all I apologize if my grammar is bad and if I come to my problem I cannot calculate trigonometry levels. For example, how should calculation be of view bobbing or creating parts in orientation of circle.

Basically, do you have any websites or programs to calculate it ? And what is your tips to calculate.

Already thanks and apologize if i reply so late after you write, because it’s 4 a.m now.

I did a quick search for
roblox calculation for bobbing
and found a few hits for a similar question.
Please try a search.
Perhaps one of the results will help you.

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you see, trigo is a repeating function. If you want it to continuesly bob around, you must put something that is constantly increasing.
And we have that in Roblox, it is tick().

You then just want to calculate bobble using math.sin() and math.cos().

A good formula I have is:

local Bobble = * 9)/12,math.cos(tick()*9)/12,0)

After trying with stuff, I recommend you start putting addition of delta in Runservice.Renderstepped in place of tick() as it is more controllable.


Thanks for replying. I’ll try it quickly.

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I just tried it and more or less i understood the logic of it. After your answer, i need to make something with this formula and figure out how it works.It will be much easier after this, Thanks for answer again. :pray:

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Before i asking to this forum, i just checked so many tutorials and videos about it. However i did not understand and know any methods of making view bobbing etc. By the way i tried to do on my own.

And thanks for suggestion.

tick() will be deprecated soon. Use time() or os.clock() instead.

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Okay then, i gonna use instead tick() thanks.