How do you get realistic shadows and good lighting?

I’m fairly new to Roblox Studio and I have been looking at other people’s build posts and I notice how much better their shadows and lighting look on their builds. Could someone tell me how to make it like that?


If you’re looking for something simple to do, just change the lighting from the default voxel to shadowmap under lighting.

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I have a couple recommendations for sources I’ve used myself. I hope you find them useful!

  • Take a look at this blog post created by the official Roblox Blog. It clearly discusses all of the lighting and shadow elements added to the properties of certain objects in Roblox Studio.

  • I think you should watch this video if you would like to make your shadows more realistic. You might learn a thing or two on lighting as well. Video made by JoyTheDeveloper

  • Realistically speaking, this video covers how to make your lighting stand out in your builds. Video created by Lolaphobia

  • The creator of the video I just mentioned above, @Lolaphobia, also created a quick guide to shadows and lighting here on the DevForum, in the #resources category. You can find the guide here.

  • Finally, a video was uploaded to YouTube by the official Roblox Channel. This video discussed dynamic lighting that you could incorporate into your builds. The video featured @Stickmasterluke

I hope you find my various resources useful, and I wish you luck! :grinning:


Change the lightning from Voxel to ShadowMap, and try using this plugin:


Hey there, there are many topics about this, but I’ll show you some examples and topics about lighting!

First off, there is a tutorial on how to do both shadows and lighting on the forums, Lolaphobia made a post about this and it shows how to adjust the atmosphere around you and environmental lighting as well.

If you want shadow map into your game, go to Lighting > Technology > ShadowMap


  1. How to make your lighting more realistic in shadowmap
  2. Development Tips: Better Lighting

Second, there were some new updates that got added to ROBLOX studio with the lightings property! You can add the Atmosphere


  1. A small guide to (non-atmospheric) Fog

If you want the effects, go to Lighting > Insert Object > Atmosphere/DepthOfField.

That’s all I have for this topic, hope you can find useful things to help you out!


For the lighting, it’s pretty easy, just find a good plugin and stick to it.


I’d recommend light editor.

Good reliable plugin.