How do you get rid of fuzzy dark edges around ImageLabels?

Edit: I sort of fixed the issue by decreasing the z-index of sequential arc segments. But, I am still interested in knowing how to get rid of fuzzy edges if possible.

Right now I am working on a radial loading GUI and everything is working nicely; although there is the slight problem of fuzzy dark edges around the image labels, thus making the radial load bar look less seamless. Is there a way to get around this issue?

Example of the issue:

19 PM

By the way I am using the ImageColor3 property on a (255, 255, 255) color image if that means anything.

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It’s a known issue with images that aren’t scaled to their original resolution.

So you want to just make sure all of the images you use are at their original size, always.

To clarify a bit, the issue occurs because completely transparent pixels are interpolated with partially translarent or opaque pixels when the image is scaled.

If your image can work with being white & using ImageColor3, you can make sure that the fully transparent pixels have an RGB value of white, and no alpha. When blending, the color would be the same for the opaque and transparent area, causing the dark outline to not appear.

^ Enforcing your UIs to not be scalable because of this can be harmful for user experience.


Ok, thanks for the information.