How do you make a High-Quality Gun System?

Hey there! So, I want to go about creating a fast and efficient gun system with minimal drawbacks. I’m looking for someone to either explain, or point me to some resources about best practices for creating advanced gun systems (knockback, blood splatter, weighted animations, OTS camera system, etc.)

If you’re able to provide any useful information, it’d be a lifesaver (or killer in this case…?).

Thanks for reading!

Look at the example code for an OTS system

Assuming you will be using raycasting for the gun. Get the normal (Direction of the face the ray hit. Refered to a result.Normal) and rotate a blood part by that. Position it at the point the ray hit the character.

Idk what you mean by weighted animations and knockback. For knock back I am guessing you mean recoil?

These articles taught me how to create an FPS system. They discuss how to implement recoil, sway effects and other features which could create a high quality gun system. You gotta have a basic understanding of CFrames, RunService, Motor6Ds and raycasting.

It was complicated for me. If you are beginner I advise starting with simple gun systems first. The articles should point you in a good direction to what you wanna achieve.

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