How do you make fps arms

I want to make fps arms that follow the camera when in first person. I want it to be a set of fake arms in the camera, and I can just do humanoid:EquipTools on the humanoid inside the fake arms so that I can easily equip a tool without having to make a set of fake arms for each tool


There is a property on parts called the LocalTransparencyModifier. You can use this to make the arms visible without having to worry about tools working properly.

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I already know about that. I am wondering how to make the actual arms themselves

So arms for view models? You just make the actual arms and then attach them to a CFrame of some kind, whether that’s the camera or the characters themselves. I think you’re looking for something more specific than “how to create view model arms”. You already answered this yourself, in essence.

Create arms and attach them to the camera’s CFrame, maybe with BindToRenderStep using a RenderPriority higher then Camera.Value.

Typically, view models don’t have two EquipTools running at the same time, because that provides complications and that’s not how they’re used either. When a tool is equipped, just run a handler or something that equips the tool on the view model and does whatever it needs to.

All this aside, your thread doesn’t really ask a question, more like it provides a set of instructions so that someone can give you the code to achieve this. Remember what this category is for: if you aren’t sure what to include in a post, please see the category guidelines.


You just create two arm length bricks, and put them ontop of the regular roblox arms locally. That way, when you’re in first person, you see the arms, and the other players don’t see the overlap. Also, you can animate with these arms in a rig, and that way they play the animation.

You can see this done in pretty much every free model FPS weapon. Looking at those will help you.

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