How do you make these reflections?

How do I make these reflections?


This was a new feature part of Future is Bright which was released recently:

Making these effects is just a matter of experimenting with part properties and materials. You can read more about it in the announcement post.

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I already know the future is bright thingy. I am using it. I just need to mess with the reflections but I can’t seem to get it.

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Are you just modifying the parts? or are you also modifying the lighting settings? You have to modify both to achieve a similar effect. Please provide information about your lighting setup.

Nvm. I think I’m just gonna go with Matte. Thanks for your help anyways.

I think it might just be reflectance and high intensity bloom (on shadowmap +white, day time skybox)

hmmmm haven’t thought of that.

I’ve found a solution. I just need to make my car reflections 0.2 and apply a skybox that has a blooming sky.

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