How do you move a gui that takes in account of rotation?

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    I want to move a frame like the way you would move a part with CFrame.
    If I moved it up, and the rotation was 45 degrees, that would be taken in account and would be moved up at a diagonal.

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    I don’t know how to do this. Math’s is not my strong point and I’ve looked in a lot of places for answers.

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    I tried to set the positions manually, but then realized that would take a long time and it wasn’t worth it. I was thinking of making invisible parts and cframing them. Using @orange451 's WorldToSurfaceGui module, I could position the Frame to the part Position. This might work, but it would be messy and i want my game to be fully GUI.

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Any help is appreciated!

This code should work if your frame uses offset, if you’re using scale then you may want to play around with it a bit. The newY value is the Y offset that the frame will travel to.

local frame = script.Parent.Frame

local function tween(newY)
    frame:TweenPosition(,frame.Position.X.Offset + math.tan(math.rad(frame.Rotation))*(frame.Position.Y.Offset-newY),0,newY))


Thank you! And yes, it does use offset!

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