How do you organise large projects?

Okay, so I saw other topics like this but I didn’t find the answers that I needed

So I’m working on a 2d platformer game and so far I’ve gotten the camera and movement scripts, 3 levels, walking robots that damage you if you touch them, landmines and coins. This isn’t a lot at all compared to large games but I’m sure my problem is that my organisation is bad, I renamed everything and have grouped up everything but my main problem is when I want to click on a specific part the whole group is selected is there a way I can get around this buy not ungrouping every thing?

Sorry if my spelling is bad im making this on my phone and not my computer and I’m tired after basicly a whole day in roblox studio. I’m going to sleep now so I will reply in like 10 hours.

I remember seeing a plugin a while back on the devforum:

Thank you (30 oof oof oof oof )