How do you plan your buildings?

I’m EsplishData and I’m script and I’m being interested to building because of roblox game is important to have good map. So I learning building but I would like ask you how do you plan buildinngs or how do you architect building.
Thank for any responds! <3


The main way is using an image of a real place as a reference.


Go through youtube video guides, or use your imagination, easy as that

I can suggest you some ideas.

  • Use decals as buildings.
  • Part count will usually lag your game.
  • If you are using meshes, make sure your meshes don’t have a huge poly count.
  1. Go on google to get a reference

  2. Go into MS paint to make a layout

That’s basically it.

Hahaha, I don’t. I just like to start with a part and then build my way from there and as you build you understand what it should look like and the layout of it. But if you really want to plan it I think you should start with a image. Then make the layout of it and finally detailed it!

I don’t plan my builds I always get inspiration from developers that work and dibble in the role I’m in whether it be building, scripting, graphic designing, or (creating particles, VFX).

I use images - photos around my location, and online if needed and get an idea on what I want to create. It’s also a good idea to try drawing out your layout and use a drawing software on the things you want to create consider having a notebook or your phone/ camera for when you go out somewhere you could look at different objects and see something you like everyone has different approaches.

I would either bookmark or download an image and use it to see how the base is and what layout it features. Using images online is good try to replicate a model or build and see how the end result looks like. If your new to planning out your builds there’s always different ways to go about this you might have something different from others for example: (you take images around your location town, city, neighborhood) while others use images online.

I would recommend to look at this topic for gathering different “tips, information, techniques, other approaches that people suggested”