How do you select multiple parts/meshes when searching in explorer?

Hey, I was wondering if I can select multiple meshes/parts (they are all the same, with same name) when searching in the explorer. I have hundreds of the same mesh that I want to delete but they are all hidden in models so it is a pain to select and delete each one.

You can see all the track here (this is only a little bit of it), the beige/grey stuff under the track is the ballast. I must delete all of it

Oh, just use the part picker plugin. I can’t link it, but look through @XAXA topics to find it.

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Thank you so much! now there is only 1 problem, it has opened all of the models in my explorer and I have no clue how to collapse them all at once.

@buildthomas made a plugin for that: Plugin to Collapse/Expand all folds in Explorer [warning: use at own risk!]

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