How do you turn off Roblox Studios' new Window Focus Stealing?

Roblox studio on its recent updates has started to steal the window focus whenever I stop the playtest and alt-tab away. This is negatively affecting my workflow as I usually alt+tab between my coding window (VSCode) and studio when I am testing code.
Is there a studio setting that now can disable this ‘feature’? Any help would be appreciated

Steps to reproduce:

  1. playtest a game
  2. stop the playtest
  3. immediately alt-tab to another window
  4. once studio is done stopping the playtest, it steals the focus back to studio

Apparently this has been a re-occuring topic and its a bug on Windows 10.
And there’s no solution for Windows 10 other than upgrading to 11.

send a message to @Bug-Support with it