How do you tween transparency, size with a model

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to make a model tween size and transparency

  2. What is the issue? i tried tweening it with a rootpart but that only change the properties of that part

I don’t believe you can tween a whole model, you have to do it to individual instances like parts.

You can do a for loop on all parts in a model and pass them into the tween.

I’m almost certain i saw it somewhere
I found it here: Introduction to Tweening Models

what? you can, you just have to do some extra steps to welding and then tween the model’s primary part…

OP I suggest looking at this video or jaelyns link

You cannot — welds are for position, not transparency. That won’t be replicated on all of the parts otherwise as far as I know.

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OP tried something similar to what’s in the topic you and @KDarren12 linked (from what I understood by skimming it) and it didn’t work.

It is possible to tween a models Position or CFrame by simply moving the PrimayPart and welding the other parts to it.

However it isn’t possible to resize, transparency a model with tween unless it is an R6 Humanoid using the scaler.

You have to tween each part individually by looping through each part and tweening it.