How does Default Chat System Decide player Color

How does Roblox’s default chat system decide the color for a players nametag when chatting?

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It most likely just chooses a random colour when the player creates their Roblox account. That is all I know

No, it doesn’t.

It’s probably just randomized or set it in-game.
You should check chat modules/scripts for this info.

My chat nametag is yellow in every single game on roblox unless the game’s developers changed it manually

That’s proof you need.

It’s preset, I’ve been here since 2008 and my chat has always been orange, alt accounts had a different color all the time as well.

Ah, I can see that. But in every default game my nametag is always yellow. End of argument

So is mine, but I see other peoples colors different. I thought it was head color but it isnt because yours is not yellow. Hmm

How’s that even possible.
They’re not even using HTTPservice.
Or something to get ‘player’ color.
Either datastore (which wouldn’t work in games.)
And as far as I know, there’s no player property for this.
For me it changes always as I join game

Lots of misinformation being spread in this thread. Chat colors are calculated by Roblox.

This article should clear things up.

This is wrong. If it was randomized then every non-custom Roblox chat would look like rainbow vomit.


There is no direct way to read this value, but it’s always been the case. I think I’ve seen some people make makeshift ways to read it however, or what that guy showed above.