How does my beaver model look?

What do you think of my beaver model that I made for a game? (I am open to any criticism)

Front View:
beaver model front view

Back View:
beaver model back view

(its supposed to be really simple)


Simple but kinda cute looking. I like it!

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You could make the texture more smooth and maybe not that blocky other then that i like it

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If you’re going for that blocky simplistic style, then i don’t think it could get any better than this, and the model itself doesn’t look terrible, it’s pretty nice in terms of blocky models.

But if you’re trying to get an overall better looking model, i would suggest you to change the eyes, ears and teeth to something a little more detailed such as rounded eyes, well fitting teeth etc… Other than that, it looks nice.

Using the grass texture here is… odd. It kinda looks like a piece of grass with teeth.

I’d just stick with SmoothPlastic for now until the Fur texture is released (which isn’t too much longer from now iirc)


Wait there’s going to be a fur texture?

Yeah, it’s part of the new materials:

Sweet, I’ll be waiting for them