How does one use a alternative of a private module, instead of a open-sourced module?

I heard @Jhxan found a work-around.

You can use my service, It is still in the very early stages of development and isn’t production ready, but it is getting there. The way it works is described on the website.

To summarize it quick for the sake of the post, You upload your code to the website and game owners can call your scripts through the HTTP service. There is additional details that go along with that and the remote call more transparent, improve performance and whatnot, but that is the gist. This is different from private modules because no one sees private module source besides the developer. On my server, every version of every module must undergo a code review before anyone besides the developer can remotely call it. Thus, game owners are don’t have to worry about malicious scripts, and module developers don’t have to worry about their source being taken.