How Does roblox character movement work again?

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    I want to make this vehicle thing move around like the character.

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    The issue is that I don’t know how roblox moves the character based on the camera angle. Whenever you are moving forward the y axis rotation of the camera influences what the player moving forward is. How do I use the default roblox code for my system?

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I believe the sample off road vehicle checkpoint race uses Humanoids in their vehicles. I could be wrong, but I looked at the scripting there and it was way beyond what I could understand.

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You could probably add a humanoid to the car model and then set player.Character to the car, this will make the car act exactly like the player character, while placing the player model in serverstorage for replacing back if needed afterwards. However, if you are making a driveable car then I’d recommend you to use physics constraints and vehicle seats rather than making it a character.

Thanks to both of you for the tip in using humaniods, I think thats the way to go.

I will get the humanoid.MoveDirection of the player and use that for the goals on my physics constraints rather than creating a new one.

Alternatively you can use UserInputService and camera CFrame to get move direction the same as humanoid.MoveDirection without needing a humanoid.

Will try this tomorrow thanks for the help.
I think this is the 3rd thing you’ve helped me with lmao.

Definitely seems like the solution, I assume I would just hook up movevector to my physics constraints?

This worked, very very well.

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