How I can make a rideable moving platform?

What is that Surface Gui meant to?

How I can use them for this? I made a research about this but couldn’t find it.

Use BodyPosition | Roblox Creator Documentation inside the platform, it will drag players on top of it along with it.

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Just in case you have a SurfaceGui on your platform. Like for example mine had some lines on it.

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Do you not understand welds? They lock the player to the part, so the player is moving with the platform, and only when the player moves (via input) would the weld update. What you’re suggesting would happen would defeat the entire purpose of welds.

i guess this should help you, i learned by this video it like 2years ago, it should still work

Take a look at this topic

Jailbreak train platform system? - Help and Feedback / Scripting Support - DevForum | Roblox

It only works with BodyMovers? or can I use it with Tweening?

I don’t understand welds, yes. But I know that something, if player clicks W or something, character will not move, so how will you update the weld?

Yes i think only body movers will do it.
Though, you could tween the values inside the bodymover

So I can’t use Body Position with Tweening? I meant that.

By using simple vector math, if the player presses w, move them in the direction the camera is facing along the platform.

Yeah you can, if you tween the values inside the Body Position instead of tweening the position directly it should drag the players along

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Oh, thanks for the help! I want to learn about Roblox physics but look hard with mathematic etc.

That will still work, but not a good way to do that. Will still work laggy, if player moves and you are using remote event to send info, it will lag the player. So I don’t really think that’s a good way.
Others are easier tho.

You should watch the video that @krrtek sent. I also learnt about this from the video, it explains how to make what you are asking for in detail. This is just in case you still don’t understand what to do with body gyro’s and positions.


So what I’m understanding from this is that if their ping is nearing 200, it will be noticeable, but the same goes for regular movement as well then? Player input regardless of what it is controlling has to go to the server anyway.

I’ve honestly never had any problems with this method, and I had it with up to 18 people on a single platform at a time.

No, in real movement, if you still have a ping the player moves local (
i guess), but other players see you laggy.

That’s going to happen regardless of this method, ping is always an overall issue.

This is getting off topic, unless you have something to reply relating to the issue on hand, I suggest you private message me otherwise.

The lag can especially accumulate if there is other players and alongside the processes and rendering of your other features of the game. Moreover, it would also just be clunky and feeling odd to the player