How is this simulator map?

This map was going to be in my simulator game, but I now want to do something else with it.

Hello all, I’ve made this simulator-esque map. It took me 2 days and is probably my best work. It’s the typical low-poly, cartoony design. I’m not really a builder, but I think a did a decent job.

Things I’ve taken in mind:

  • Mostly using Roblox Parts, only 1 mesh part [The Egg].
  • The small size of the map is quite noticeable
  • The simplistic design and style used in this build

Would love to know what I can do better, building is fun and empowers creativity!


I would pay 1-2.5k for your map, however your not allowed to sell items on the forum. :slight_smile: I think your low poly map is nice. I would like to see more of your work in the future! :smiley: Well done!



I’m not selling it here if you’re wondering.


You should transform this topic into one asking for feedback rather than one looking for pricing, as that’s not allowed on the forum. Looks nice, though.

See Global Rule 7.1 :slight_smile:


I didn’t think you were, but I just wanted to let you know for the future.


Oh! I’ll change my post accordingly. I’ve now moved this to a different section.

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This looks great so far, by looking at the images try to give the trunk a more cartoony look instead of having it straight tree aren’t that straight looking they have different angles and sizes and shape try not to make yours all repetitive:

The simplicity look of your map looks decent. Try putting more objects onto the map. Because all the trees look rather copied and pasted throughout the whole map I would try changing it up a bit make it have its own design maybe create 3 a 2 variety of trees so it could at least have some variation into it.

Maybe play around with the lighting to capture that cartoony look mess with the ambient and color correction to get that sort of feel your wanting.

Regarding it’s a good build since you seem like a new builder or basically learning the progress.


This is a very thoughtful and constructive response, thanks! I’m quite grateful for this.

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Decent simulator map, doesn’t feel like a walking simulator type lobby, I like it.
Maybe add some more nature to it? Try these!

  • Bushes
  • Flowers
  • Different shapes of the trees

Very decent simulator map. Good job. However, I think shadows would work well on this map. Set your lighting setting to ShadowMap


I know others have weighed in already but I just had a few additional suggestions. Using what you already have you can get more use out of one tree (or one low poly model) by changing the colors, scaling it significantly smaller/larger and rotating it as well as creating areas that have more of one of these variations with a few others scattered around. So for example color: light green, green, dark green. Scale, very small almost sapling, medium to normal and overgrown (only have several of these. Also tipping some trees slightly and even maybe laying some down as if they were recently cut. I see a building in the map so it stands to imagination that they might need wood for a fire or perhaps that’s how they built that fence. The same advice goes for the rocks but in addition with the rocks you can combine multiple rocks to make jagged boulders, a cave entrance, a rock wall (as opposed to fencing) a water well, many many possibilities. At the end of the day your map is amazing, but feel free to sit back and after a good look just play on it. Run around and use your imagination and have fun. As you play you’ll start to think, hey I could put this here, or I wonder how this would look, or oh I should have done this too. I hope you keep building because this is truly an amazing start!!

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Hey, this looks really cool, I love the low poly detail, and as you said, the small size of the map is a little bit noticeable, I would recommend adding a grid-like pattern onto the ground, it would make it a little bit more simplistic.

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