How much could I sell this for?

I was building this and I wanted to know how much I could sell this building for.


I would say that you could sell this for around 400 robux. ($2-$5 USD)

Nice work!


Thats really nice, the build is great but i suggest you add materials or image id textures, Otherwise I love the medievial style of the build.

Possibly add shingles aswell. Maybe straw but it’s hard to get nice looking straw roofs without meshes.

Yes, I do know that there is no textures involved because I wanted it to look simple.

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Since it is slightly plain and doesn’t have a huge amount of detail, I’d say 200-300 robux is what I’d pay for this.

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250 - 400 ROBUX, with the improvements I suggest below, 750-1000.

The building itself is really good. There is a good amount of detail and it looks pretty neat and tidy. I think you have done a really good job on this front.

However, I think the roof needs a lot more detail, I would recommend tiling like this:*Cj7S6VIzV9O6XYHy (where the roof is made of many parts)
This would add enough detail to stop the roof from making the rest of the build look too basic.

The next big thing I would definitely change is the colours. Those colours really don’t work well together, they feel overly saturated and kinda stick out in a bad way. Try using less saturated colours (use google images to help with this for references) and experiment around till you get some colours that look a lot nicer.

Finally, custom textures. A good example of this was in a post I saw earlier today where a guy managed to make his build like a lot better simply through the use of custom textures. Have a look through here and try to do the same with yours: Medieval Fantasy Market Type Beat

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Nice work. Your building has a tudor theme, I like it. Maybe add tiling on the roof and recolour to black and white?

Great work, I would sell it for about 250-400R$.

I would buy that for 250 robux.

I’d say a good 400R$ would be a great price.