How much Robux should I put into sponsorships?

I have heard people on the devforum say 1k Robux a day, but that does not get much. Sometimes people say I should use ads but mobile players can’t see them and I use ad blocker? Should I sponsor on mobile or desktop? I know that I should have a good icon as well. I feel like 15-20k Robux would be good, and if I have enough I should do it on mobile and desktop? I have once sponsored for 5k and did not get players.

Edit: I have searched and have not found any answers FYI.

I would start small you could start with 2000 and experiment on sponsors and see which ones performs better with a decently CTR. You could do little test and see which one does better, I would start with small portions.

I wouldn’t use sponsors since it isn’t effective, with the recent changes that been made sponsor games are showing up less - developers have been receiving a low click through rate. OP, with the previous sponsor you did what was your CTR and impression? I would highly consider moving towards advertisements since that seems like a best approach for now.

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