How much should I charge for an ordering system for a cafe+UI design?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this in advance.

A cafe hired me to design them a robust ordering system with buttons that change background color when hovered over, change the border thickness, etc. I have recently finished it and it was about 5 days of work. But I now don’t know how much I should charge for it. So that’s why I’m asking here.

This is how it works:
-A customer comes up to barista, says what he/she wants in chat.
-Barista clicks on a screen
-A GUI tweens from the bottom of the screen. In that GUI the barista can choose the category, and the food. Up to 3 items. They are displayed near the GUI. Barista then enters players name, and clicks a button.
-GUI tweens in player’s screen, displaying what he/she ordered, asking if this is what they ordered.
-If yes is clicked, the order appears on a SurfaceGui inside the kitchen, where a chef can claim it and cook it.
-Chef gives food to customer.

I designed the icons of the categories aswell.

Any rough idea of what I should charge ? I was thinking 3-5K, but after I started, I realised it won’t be as easy as I thought.


Honestly it is always up to the creator on what you should be charging. Anywhere from 5k-20k sounds reasonable to me. What you really should be doing though is charging per hour instead, or at least calculate your payments based off of time spent.

3-5k sounds not that much for a fully-scripted and designed UI system. I would say about 10k, maybe a little more since 5 days of work seem quite long. Good luck!

3-5k sounds fine and I don’t think it would take 5 days. I could probably do what was stated in an hour :man_shrugging:t2:

You should charge the system for more than 2k. I can’t really give an exact price since you made it.

This is a subjective topic, it heavily depends on who’s working, you can’t ask me to write a price for the service you provide because I don’t know how efficient you are, or whether this is a large/small project to you.

What’s easy to you may not be easy to me and what’s difficult to you may not be difficult to me. At the end of the day, you should charge based off your own skill, if they hire you personally for your own skills, then you should charge honestly based off of it.

If it’s gonna take you more than an hour, then keep that in mind when you charge them, for example if you think it’s gonna take you more than 5 hours than ask yourself if you want to only get 3-5k robux for that effort.

Assuming you want 5k for it, that’s at most 1k robux / hour if not lesser ( if you work more than 5 hours on it then you’ll get a lesser hourly rate ), and 1k robux is simply $3.5USD going by devex rates, do you want to be working $3.5usd/hour?

We can’t give you a constant price because each and everyone here will give you the prices based off the time we ourselves would take, and with our skill level being different from one another, someone could have this done in less than 30 minutes and some could spend a solid day on it.

Sure you can argue that a professional programmer could lie about the time it will take for him/her to create the product simply to earn more money, but the first step of being a professional programmer is to actually be professional, and not dishonest. Be transparent with your clients, explain to them why it would take longer, give them the real options, if the price is too much for them, inform them that they could definitely find someone else who could do it cheaper and faster.

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