How much would I expect to pay for a car from Blender?

Hello, I have little to none Blender experience. If you were to make a car in Roblox Studio, most likely it won’t look as good as a car from Blender. I was wondering, how much Robux would I expect to pay if I were to hire a person that makes pretty high quality cars from Blender? (The car wouldn’t have an interior and most likely have no wheels)

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Really depends on the quality, it can reach high prices when it looks good.

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Do you know how much it could cost if it does look good?

Low poly cars wouldn’t cost much at all. There’s a tutorial from a popular blender youtuber (CG Geek) that teaches people how to make a low-poly car in just 30 minutes. If you’re looking for a realistic style car, That’d probably cost alot more, maybe upwards of a Five Thousand or even Ten Thousand robux. Take this with a grain of salt though, as I’ve never purchased a car.


Alright, got it. Thanks for the help

As someone who did this for over 40 cars, I can say that doing it in house to cut labor costs is worth it when starting out.

Purchase the model from these resources
Googling the car name and checking the royalty license, you’re looking for royalty free, or commercial use with modification.

Download blender, learn how to split, clean up and export.
Let me know if I should make a tutorial on how to do this.

Good luck and let me know what song gets you in the work mode the best!



Does it take a while to learn how to use Blender? Especially leaning how to make cars from Blender.

The camera navigation is the hardest part in my opinion, once you get that. YouTube tutorials and googling is your best friend.