How much would this cost (Price Question)

Unsure where this belongs. But how much would a fully customizable map vote system cost.

What would it do?
It would allow users to vote on a map.
Once the most voted map is selected.
It would load the map.
Then spawn players into it

There would be no need to spawn in gears or anything.
If someone could give me a price range it would be nice. So i know how much robux I should look into buying.Thank you!

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What you are asking for is not that complex. It is a simple method of choosing the biggest number and parenting the corresponding map to the workspace.

I would suggest searching for stuff like this first, as there is likely many free models or tutorials on it.

#scripting-support is not intended for asking for applicants. We help you along with making a script and help solve problems along the way, but do not just give a script.


My fault. I wasnt really asking for applicants though. I was more of asking just how much it would cost. Since I have no intentions of hiring anyone right now and instead just figuring out numbers.

Ill keep this in mind for next time though

It really depends, a system might look like it does the same thing as another but be much more securely programmed. An insecure system like this (e.g. exploiters can vote multiple times) would be much cheaper than a well-programmed system. You also have to worry about how many maps are available for voting: can you vote for all maps? Would it randomly choose, let’s say, 3 maps from the total? Randomization is slightly tougher to work with, so it would, of course, cost more.

This is the kind of thing you would work out with the specific person who’s going to work for you, there’s no one-price-fits-all match.

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As for cost, I really would not purchase something like this. It’s relatively simple to make. (If it is complex for you, I mean no offense. Realative to most games, this is relatively simple.)

With a quick google search, I found this. It may be a year old, but most likely will help you.

I recommend googling something before you decide to pay for it.


Sorry about the trouble. Ill rename this post to closed. My fault for not researching first.

No worries. I recommend reading the rules of the category before posting. Also, you do not have to rename a post to [Closed]. Marking a solution as you have done indicates that.

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