How much would this sell for? USD/Robux

I’ve made the house in blender. I will apply materials in Roblox studio, but right now I won’t. If anyone wants to buy it dm me (EhhDmitry#5542)


700-900 If without Interior,Price increases if with interior.

1k+, and i don’t think it have a interior indeed

I’d say around 1 dollar to 1-1.5K Robux. It’s pretty good but a small simplistic building.

id say 900 - 1.1k, if there is an interior. If not, I would say 700 - 800

:wink: It looks really cool! You definitely have some good skills.

I would say around 650-1k robux without an interior.

It looks really good! :+1:

I’d say 900-1.2k robux with interior, without interior I would say 875-1k robux.

It’s actually a good build, i think you should deserve more robux. It will probably go for about 2k - 2.5k

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That looks epic :smile:

I would sell it for about 800-1k

Looks really nice. I’d value the price around 800-1.1k

I like how you kept some of the details of the original picture but changed it up. :smiley:

About 1k-1.1k is good for a price

What I think its worth: ~750

What I think you would sell it for: ~300

Its a good build, but no point setting your expectations high.

I would say roughly 1,000 robux. Looks great!

1500 - 1700, this asset is of high quality.

Looks amazing, very high quality and very detailed. So I’d say around 1k-1.3k.

I would say about 600-1.1k robux! It looks great! :smiley: