How should I backup player data?

What do you want to achieve?
I would like to come up with a way to backup player data. I don’t want to just have a second datastore, but something hidden in case I get hacked like some big games did recently.

What is the issue?
I am unsure of the best way to go about it.

What am I thinking as options?
I have thought of a couple different options. One option is using DataStore2, however, I really just do not understand how to use it (yes i have looked at the guide post, im just dumb). Another option is somehow backing it up in a file, but I don’t know a way how I should best do this. Lastly, I could have an off-site backup using https service (again, i wouldn’t know how to do this).

I am thinking DataStore2 is my best option, but I really do not understand the guide or the video AlvinBlox made. What is your thoughts, and do you have any tips on how DataStore2 works? I want to be able to learn how to use it, but I am also interested in how it actually works.

You could use an external database. I found a couple resources for you

There is more on the devforum. Data store 2 uses normal datastores + extra features.

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Thanks! I will look into those and keep you updated.

You could save the dataStore’s key and use it to recconect to it

Sorry I do not follow. What do you mean by this. I do not really want to have a second datastore or if I get compromised then all my player data can be lost.

But if you have the dataStore’s key you can use it to connect to that datastore from another account

I still do not follow. Are you talking about normal saving? I am talking about hidden backups.

Just saying that if you have your normal datastore key you can use a plug in like datastore editor to reconnect to the lost datastore but anyways if you want to use datastore2 I think this is a good video:

Already said that AlvinBlox’s video doesn’t make sense.