How to achieve this cartoon lighting style

Hello, Im trying to accomplish the lighting style similar to Adopt me or Meepcity interiors.

Adopt me:


This are really neutral, not extreme shadows and there is light everywhere

Which type of lighting technology are they using? how is there light everywhere and just little shadows in the corners?

My try:

It doesn’t have that neutral and natural light, it is like really smooth in this games, If I add more lights for less shadows it starts looking overbright

Lighting settings:

And color correction:

Im using transparent boxes through the place with point lights with this settings:

The lighting in the exterior of the map is looking really nice but not inside a building
Any information for how to accomplish this lighting style please let me know


Here is a very helpful tweet posted by a builder of Adopt Me:

As for a guide for lighting interiors, I would just keep the brightness of lights mild and make sure to spread light objects around a lot instead of keeping them in lamps.


Hey, those settings make interior looks purplish, for exterior looks fine, but not inside closed buildings


Could it be because of the ambient being purpleish?

Yes, it is because of that, but no, that is not what Im aiming for

Maybe experiment from this?

EDIT: I also found this, It might help.

The lighting in adopt me seems more consistent and yours doesn’t, so that is a problem.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think adopt me either uses Voxel or Compatibility for its lighting technology. I see that you have ShadowMap technology. You might want to change that…

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This looks good for outsides, I dont find those correct for interiors

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No idea, thats why I am asking

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Try turning GlobalShadows off. Not sure if it will work but it’s worth a try. Keep in mind that turning this off only removes the actual shadows, it doesn’t make the walls any brighter.

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I noticed that yours have some shadows, and if I were to switch to a compatibility or Voxel technology, shadows would be somewhat reduced or at least not as visible as yours.
(You should just try that, because you never know it will work unless you try it…)

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Adopt me is changing to future, So i think they were using shadow map.

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Shadow Map



ShadowMap and Voxel look the same, and compatibility looks too bright
Compatibility looks closer to that “light everywhere” and no shadows, but looks too bright

The lamps in the top make no difference

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Cool. Would be useful in making modern maps.

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No global shadows literally removes every shadow

The voxel technology with no global shadows look decent, but, it literally has no shadows anywhere in the map

Adopt me do have shadows

Maybe turn GlobalShadows back on and turn CastShadow off for all of the interior parts.


This is a good approach, I just disabled CastShadows for the roofs, I will keep it like this right now, but the question is, are this the adopt me or meepcity settings?


No clue, I didn’t make them. You’d have to ask the developers to know for sure, which would probably be hard to do. If you think it looks good, then I’d say use it. The developers might not like it anyway if you copied their system.

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