How to adapt frame to different screens sizes

Hello, I need to configure my frame in roblox studio so that in roblox player fits the screen size and looks like I see it in roblox studio, how is this possible to do?

This post should help: [Plugin] AutoScale Lite for GUIs - Scale your UI and a this is a video that explains it: RobloxStudio Tutorial - AUTOSCALE Plugin by ZacBytes - YouTube and here is the link to the plugin: AutoScale Lite - Roblox Hope that this helps!


Thank you very much, I’m going to use it!

No problem, if it works please mark it as solution!


For UI, you can use two different measurements. Percentage, and pixels. You use this in the properties panel.
If you scroll to the “Size” area, you will see something like this:
Size: {0,100}, {0, 100}
That is using pixels automatically. If you want it to take up PART of the screen, instead of a set amount of pixels, use the percentage, from 0 to 1.
Should look like this, or something
Size: {0.1, 0}, {0.1, 0}

the first “{0, 0}” is for horizontal size and the second is for vertical, or the other way round I don’t remember. Also, a tip: normally you should make the comment that solved your problem the “Solved” comment (in this case the one from @apoaddda), not the one you posted, saying that you will take their advise, as solved posts on your profile are a nice flex I guess.