How to animate a tool/object with a Dummy in the Animation Editor

Make sure that they’re positioned where they’re supposed to be and welded correctly.


Your character will hold the tool by the Handle usually. I suggest making the Handle an invisible break that doesn’t add to the aesthetic of the gun. This means you can move it around to find a good position where your character is holding the gun as you’d like it to. It’s mostly trial and error, so adjust the Handle until you like where it is.


I’m trying to animate a musket I just created, but the positions of the handle while holding and playing is different from how I positioned it in studio. I followed this tutorial to the step, including using Custom Character Creator to bind the Motor6D’s and removing Welds on the parts you’re animating.

How it looks ingame:

How it looks in studio:

I’m also getting this weird thing where I try to select/rotate specific parts, the animation editor does the moving and rotating from the position of the handle regardless of where that specific part is.


I’m aware that my SBS plugin (building plugin) is displayed in my screenshot. SBS was never used.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Lovely tutorial! :drooling_face:


Are you using Motor 6D to connect the character to the tool? If so, use Motor6D.C1 to position it correctly.

Yeah, my handle is the invisible brick, but even with the animation set to how I want it to be, the gun still self-aligns itself with the player’s arm.

Make sure all the parts are connected to the invisible part through Motor6D?
I recommend you to check out my walk-through guide here.

Annoyingly, the animation editor won’t let me select and manipulate the handle, even though all joints and everything have been set up properly. it’s even shown as a joint

Edit: This looks like a problem with the beta animation editor, old one is working fine. This is what I get for wanting to use features before they’re fully released.


It seems the ability to edit the specific joints of weapons has been broken by the new animation editor. Any word on a fix?

I’m currently unable to work on a fix for this due to university work unfortunately. If anyone has a fix and wants to contribute I’d be more than happy to add it to the main post with credit provided. If there isn’t a fix soon I will work on coming up with a solution myself.

I tried a lot of time and i cant make it pls help me ;-;

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Hi, if you’d like some help I suggest going into more detail about the problem, a repro file would be highly appreciated. Without a clear image in my head of what you are trying to achieve I’m not able to assist you.

@awesomeboy9000 I’m currently looking into a fix for the issue with the new Beta Animation Editor.

i finally find the solutio u need to put the correct name of the motor6D :smiley:


Wish I had seen this sooner, this is very helpful I appreciate it.

Do u know how to play the animation with the tool? It doesn’t animate the tool, only the player… The magazine doesn’t detach. Is there a way to do it without welding the magazine to the left hand?

This tutorial is a bit outdated now due to updates to the Animation Editor causing functionality to break. I reccommend taking a look at the tutorial by @Headstackk marked as a solution in the post, it should fix your problems!

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You can actually animate the handle with tweenservice.


Very helpful! Although, im pretty sure you got the command to get motor6d wrong.

I’m a noob at scripting so this may sound really dumb but i don’t want it to connect to the dummy i want it to connect to the actual player and uh how are u supposed to put the animation in when u click please help I’m dumb

You have to publish your animation to Roblox first. Then you need to create a Animation thing in ServerStorage. Now copy the Id of your animation and place it as AnimationId or Id on the Animation that you created in ServerStorage. Basic Script placed in a Part that will make your animation playing when you stand on the Part:

local ServerStorage = game:GetService("ServerStorage")
local Animation = ServerStorage:WaitForChild("Animation")

    local Player = Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(part2.Parent)
    if Player then
	    local animationTrack = Player.Character.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(Animation)

This Script won’t be good, so don’t use it. I wanted to show that you have to LoadAnimation first and Play it later.

after welding it and doing everything correctly i get this result with my scythe

here is my explorer