How to animate guns?

Hello Developers!,

I was recently working on a meme-pasta type of game, and I needed weapons for it. I already made my gun with Motor6D’s and FastCast, but don’t know how to animate it and play that animation like reloading, equipping etc.

Any help is appreciated,


I’ve never heard of FastCast, but I do know the Motor6D animations.

I can’t really explain it that well, but I can provide some tutorials.
Very recent: Moon Animator Tutorial - (basic movements and rules) - YouTube
The basics: Moon Animator Tutorial (#1) - Basics of Animation! - YouTube

I would suggest checking these and more out. Moon Animator is what most people love to use because of its simplicity, and wide variety of features Roblox Animator lacks!

Here’s a good tutorial by Headstackk, the owner of Weaponry if you have played it. You can use Moon Animator or Roblox’s built-in animator.

It Tried it, but I didn’t really understand the tutorial… Such as how am I supposed to play that animation? It’s not a tool.