How to animate tools (the easiest and best way) (for melees)

I’m having an issue where the right grip attachment doesn’t generate, even though it appears every time I give the tool to a dummy. Do any of you have any idea what I could be doing wrong?
Images of stuff relating to my sword model and workspace should be below

Forgot to put in the last image

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Rename “RightGripAttachment” to “RightGrip”

It’s an attachment instead of being a weld so the script runs into errors if I do that.
Also, its part of the character when it spawns in so I can’t edit it easily.

Never mind, the issue resolved itself after I restarted my computer :/.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to use this with my custom hotbar,

basically, when you press 1, it plays the animation to unsheathe the sword, then equips it during the animation (after the hand makes contact with the sheath),

but the issue is, that the Right Grip weld gets created and added under Right Arm anytime you equip something, is there anyway to stop that? Also since the animation works with the motor6d, and im trying to add it before the animation but also before the equip, i think it causes some problems.

Whats the best way to fix this? making the weapon transparent by default, then visible during the unsheathe keyframe of the animation?

Edit: I’m going to try the transparency thing, i just think there must be a better way to do it

i just wanted to thank you for making this, i literally have this bookmarked on my start page to use every time i make a tool

This is the closest solution to my porblem that ive had for weeks at this point.
Im trying to make the sword do a floaty animation next to the hand, ive replaced the rightGrip with motor6d but it still wont play
Anyone know why?

Not enough context but I assume animating it works but playing it in game doesnt?

If so make sure you have a ServerScript (not a local script) under the tool that has this code in it:

and make sure you create a variable called “char” at the top of the script which is set to the character model of the player who has the tool.

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The code is fine, I think its just a grip weld, but what I don’t understand is that the weld doesnt exist anymore, just the motor6d from your script

How its supposed to look:

This is what it looks like:

Please, do you know a solution to this?

I have something veryyyy similar to this that just can seem to get working could you help me out??